Evangeline Bleaney

Evangeline Bleaney is a hatha yoga teacher who was exposed to yoga from a young age as her father had a strong asana and meditation practice.  Seeing firsthand the physical and mental benefits sparked Evangeline’s interest in this ancient practice.  Having experimented with many different styles of yoga whilst living in London, Evangeline decided that a yoga teacher training course was a natural progression.  A year spent studying 200HRYTT at Ard Nahoo Yoga School in Leitrim gave her the confidence to bring her knowledge and enthusiasm for yoga to her classes.  Having been teaching regular classes for over a year, Evangeline was eager to travel to India to further her training. In October 2017, she travelled to the ancient capital of yoga, Rishikesh, to study a further 300HR advanced yoga teacher training in both traditional hatha and ashtanga yoga at Shiva Yoga Peeth.  This immersion in all aspects of yoga inspired Evangeline to teach a wider variety of yoga classes to accommodate everyone on her return to Ireland. 

Her restorative classes (Stretch and Restore) are gentle, relaxing and meditative and enable students to release tension and renew energy.  These classes are suitable for everyone including those with no prior yoga experience and props are used to assist and support students in poses.

Evangeline’s alignment based hatha yoga classes (Deep Stretch and Meditation) are strong, deep practices which increase strength while balancing the body with improved flexibility and stamina.  These classes are suitable for students with some level of fitness and are a great practice to tone the whole body, improve flexibility and calm the mind.

Evangeline’s vinyasa classes (flow) are dynamic and faster paced, synchronising movement with breath.  Some prior yoga experience is recommended as these classes will flow from one posture to the next.  An excellent class for improving overall fitness and working the whole body in harmony with the breath.

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