Food Intolerance Testing

Packages available based on individual needs – from £185

A food sensitivity or intolerance can cause many symptoms, such as bloating, weight gain, constipation, bad skin, migraines and general feeling unwell. If you feel that you might react to some of the foods you are eating but you cannot pinpoint which ones a Food Intolerance Test may identify problem foods in your diet.

Our Food Intolerance Test is a simple finger prick test. Test results are back within 10 days and include a detailed report and lots of information to get you started on your way to better health.

We also offer:

Comprehensive Stool Analysis
– a useful tool when putting together a tailored treatment plan – testing can include status of intestinal colonization, parasites, pathogenic stool bacteria, fungi/candida, leaky gut, pancreas function and more.

Adrenal Stress Index and other Saliva Tests
– e.g. for complementary hormone therapy recommendations, PMS, thyroid issues, poor sleep, poor energy and more

Special Investigations to address Brain Balance
– e.g. Low Mood, Depression, Autism


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